torsdag den 15. april 2010

"Murder your darlings"

"There's never been a blogger this good for this long
This hood, or this pop, this hot, or this strong
With so many different references there's one for this post
The next one I switch up, this one will get bit up
These fucks, too lazy to make up shit, they crazy
They don't, paint pictures, they just, trace me
You know what? Soon they forget where they plucked
they whole style from, they try to reverse the outcome
I'm like - TOUGH!
I'm not a biter I'm a writer for myself and others
I say a P.T.A. fact, I'm only biggin up my brother
Biggin up my borough, I'm big enough to do it
I'm that thorough, plus I know my own knowledge is foolish
So them rings and things you write about, bring 'em out
It's hard to yell when the bar-rell's in your mouth
I'm in - new sneakers, four-seaters
one diva, what more can I tell you?
Nobody truer than, T-B-A
And I'm back for more, Blogspot's ambassador
I'm supposed to be number one on everybody list
We'll see what happens when I no longer exist
Fuck this!"